Top 10 Yoga Sites & Retailers for May 2017
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Gaiam is a mail order catalogue company that sells a wide variety of environmentally friendly products via their catalogue or website. They don't just carry Yoga gear! Some of their products include: Rattan Meditation Chair Chi Silk Loungewear Organic Cotton Mat & Cover Set Gaiam Sol Uttam... read more >
Yoga Direct, based out of Richmond Virginia has a large supply of yoga products.  A few of the product categories are: Yoga Mats Yoga Mat Bags Fitness Balls Yoga Bolsters Blocks and Wedges Blankets and Towels Yoga Props Thera-Band Pilates and Fitness Jewelry and Gifts Music and DVD... read more >
Yoga Download provides the services of downloading yoga classes directly from the website to your system. A large range of challenging workouts and yoga postures are available, and you can also order branded yoga suits, rugs and accessories which will be delivered at your doorstep. You can have a qu... read more > offers everything parents need for their new baby. carries all the most popular and stylish baby products from all the best brands. sells: Nursery and Bedding Cribs & Beds Changing Tables & Dressers Rockers & Gliders Bassinets & ... read more >
Merrithew Health & Fitness has been serving the health and fitness industry for over 20 years.   The company’s goal continues to set the industry’s standards for premium equipment and educational health products.  They have introduced exercise equipment and routines fo... read more >
Be you an experienced yoga enthusiast or just a beginner, you are sure to love Yoga-Clothing. Yoga-Clothing sells a wide selection of yoga apparel and accessories in popular brands for an affordable price.  Yoga-Clothing sells: Accessories Bags Bras Camis and Tanks Croppe... read more >
If you love yoga, you will love Be you an individual practicing yoga at home or a studio giving yoga lessons, is the perfect place to shop for yoga mats, apparel and everything else yoga. offers organic and eco-friendly yoga... read more >
Mosabee is a company that creates quality eco-friendly yoga mats and towels. They have four product lines: bPlayful, bSimple, bSimpleUltra and bNatural. bPlayful is a dual layer reversible yoga mats with artistic designs. bSimple and bSimpleUltra are solid colored durable mats while bNatural is a ba... read more > is an online store which offers 3 main products. Inspired by its name, its products were called Buddha board because it encourages the artist to give attachments to a thing that will not last. It is based on the concept of Zen which is living in the moment. These moments which do not... read more >
Shira Turkl-Rubin is a website dedicated on providing useful tips for healthy lifestyle for individuals who are focused on losing weight and getting into a good shape. The website is also dedicated on educating users about the benefits of different types of Yoga activities for women, men and childre... read more >
Find Bliss is a privately owned company which offers quality Yoga magazine to promote healthy lifestyle. The magazine also offers advice, ideas, insight and solutions to help people achieve bliss in their lives. The magazine covers topics from healthy eating to career and money. They also run a Blis... read more > belongs to Bean Products, Inc., an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious small business, dedicated to manufacture long-lasting products with a minimal impact on the environment. The categories available here are Home Furnishings, Apparel, Yoga-Meditation-Fitness, Bean B... read more >
Everything Yoga carries a wide range of yoga products from apparel to eco-friendly yoga options. Some of their products include: Apparel Yoga Mats Yoga Props Yoga Gloves Books Organic Yoga Apparel Organic Yoga Mats and Gear Yoga Towels DVDs Everything Yoga also carries a wide range of ... read more >
Yoga Q&A Threads
Last answer by Blue Zorb 36 months ago: Just as you are able to lift heavier wieghts as you practice, you are able to stretch more and flexibility improves as you practice yoga over a period of time. However, you should do it gently, increasing your practice gradually. Too much of yoga done too soon will only result in injury - speaking f... read more
Asked by Dr. Johnson C Philip 49 months ago in | 2 answers
Last answer by Grace Davies 53 months ago: Thanks for sharing it. read more
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Last answer by Casey in Real Life 54 months ago: Yoga for Beginners Boxed SetAvailable via Amazon. $18.96. DVD HIGHLIGHTS: * Over 40 routines for a wide range of needs * Modifications of poses for less-flexible people * Routines from 15 - 60 minutes * Filmed at stunning Half-Moon Bay, Antigua * Bonus footage of the Dalai Lama discussing Medi... read more
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Last answer by Ken Brace 56 months ago: JadeYoga has some good mats! You can get one for about $65. read more
Asked by Page Coleman 56 months ago in | 2 answers